Every couple of weeks I go to Sasha’s class for a science experiment. We make volcanoes, lava lamps, layered sugary rainbows and all things that make science kid-friendly and fun. Lots of it.

Today was goo day. Or slime, if we go by the initial state.

Twenty or so pairs of eyes, wide and curious, watched me mix solutions and held their breaths during the mixing. Slimy polymers ensued and the resemblance with real but oversized green snot made the kids giggle and say eww loudly more times than I can count and everyone wanted to have a turn handling it. Slime can be that inviting.

The children lined up for a chance to hold the droopy goo. And the goo delivered. It drooped, stretched, and spread all over the plastic container. Some got on the floor. Also, I got to scrape it off some twenty or so pairs of fidgety little hands.

Many little voices tweeted the only request that made sense “Can you please write on a piece of paper how to make this at home?” I promised I will.

The substitute teacher (a stern one, Sasha said, though not mean, he clarified,) could not help but smile during the goo rush. Apparently he did not smile all day.

Friday afternoons are usually mellow. They don’t have to be. Ours was a raucous, noisy gooey one. Tempted? You should be. Here you go. Enjoy!

We had an encore at home. Red was the only color we could find, so the goo is an unfortunate pink. But you’ll be spared the visuals. Photos upon request only.

PS: It is past 9 o’clock and the boys are asking for 15 more minutes of goo play. It’s been hours already. Convinced? Let me know how it goes.