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Never Give Up

 My youngest son is four. And always looking for something spectacular to add to his games. The recycling bin is his latest treasure box and who can blame him really? A small piece of paper becomes a map and a jar could be anything from a spaceship to a dog house. A couple of days ago he picked a medicine container with a childproof cap. He asked me to open it, I said it can’t be done. Did I have a reason to say no? Not a solid one anyway. I just figured that opening a medicine container, even though empty might not be the right kind of thing to teach a four-year-old.

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Who Else Can Hear Your Music?

I like writing. Quite obvious by now really. And while I did write for publications for a while and sent my work out confidently, it took a great leap of courage to write a blog. Because my thoughts were “what if people won’t like what I have to say?” and “what if my writing creates a stir I am not prepared for?”. So after a few “breathe in, breathe out” sessions and hearing some convincing arguments from people who were already out there, I did it. I jumped in with both feet. And I loved it!

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You have a choice to smile or frown. I was reminded of choices today after I smiled at an elderly gentleman who was walking in the opposite direction. He smiled back and then he stopped to thank me for a nice smile that made his day, he said.

You have a choice in everything you do. You have a choice to wake up and put a smile on your face or you have the choice to start your day grumbling and expecting yet another Golgotha.

You have a choice to help someone, whether directly or indirectly, or you have the choice to turn a blind eye.

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