I like writing. Quite obvious by now really. And while I did write for publications for a while and sent my work out confidently, it took a great leap of courage to write a blog. Because my thoughts were “what if people won’t like what I have to say?” and “what if my writing creates a stir I am not prepared for?”. So after a few “breathe in, breathe out” sessions and hearing some convincing arguments from people who were already out there, I did it. I jumped in with both feet. And I loved it! There was freedom and a yet unmatched exhilarating feeling. Lightness like I never felt before. I left my nagging thoughts behind, and promised to never let them in if they happen to visit again.

So I have my blog now. I write in it because I want to share the things I see and feel, and often times I want to acknowledge special people. I also write because I have questions. Sometimes the answers come as I write, many times they don’t. They hide in a place where they feed on past and present and grow strong enough to come out and show themselves when I least expect it. I had many “a-ha” moments since I started writing a blog. They are something you don’t want to miss, I promise. Now I know that by letting others hear my music I can actually hear it better too. Letting others hear this music, my music, is one of the most liberating things I’ve done lately. So if I create a stir, and hopefully I do, I can only hope it’ll be a good one. A worthy one. For you, the listener. No promises, though. except for one: I’ll keep it real.

So try it. Whether you write your thoughts in a blog or just share them as such with people around you, do it. Be real. Because this is as real as it gets. Rewarding and humbling at the same time in a very special way too.