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Is This What You Want?

It is time for a serious talk. About this blog. Since you’re reading it, and since I’m writing it, I can ask. And if you feel like answering, please feel free to do so. Following a very enlightening discussion with a fellow blogger, I am now harbouring some interesting thoughts. And questions too. What do you, the person who reads my blog, want to read about? Do you want to read about life bits or maybe ideas that will spark your own later on?


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Of Life and People

Someone once said to me that it is easy to love nice and good people but not so easy to love those who challenge you, who disappoint you, who make you angry. Intentional hurting is a matter of debate, therefore subjective enough to call for individual assessment if at all possible and solvable. The only question that comes to mind is whether the people who disappoint and anger us are worthy enough to warrant acceptance? The good ones, they love you right back without shaking, or, God forbid, destroying any images of them you have build in your mind.

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