It is time for a serious talk. About this blog. Since you’re reading it, and since I’m writing it, I can ask. And if you feel like answering, please feel free to do so. Following a very enlightening discussion with a fellow blogger, I am now harbouring some interesting thoughts. And questions too. What do you, the person who reads my blog, want to read about? Do you want to read about life bits or maybe ideas that will spark your own later on?


My big question would be why do you read this blog? Do my words find their ways into your brain and sprout ideas, do they challenge you to question things and change anything? Can you relate to the things you read about in my blog? There are a lot of “why” questions that I may never find answers for. About this blog and about many other things in my life. That doesn’t mean that I will stop asking them though. I read somewhere, yes, in a blog, that everything starts with a why. And that’s one great way of looking at things. As opposed to the more morbid “curiosity killed the cat”.

Now some will think that I will shape my blog posts according to the feedback. No promises either way. Not all “why” questions have to be followed by action. Sometimes they have to be asked just to get that spectacular “a-ha” moment which becomes a spark in its own special way. Since this is my thinking/writing playground I always get to play the way I feel like playing. That’s the freedom of blogging.   If you want to stop by and play too by sharing your thoughts, do so. If you just read and move one, that’s good too. Either way, just so you know, it would be nice to know what you think since you get to read some of my thoughts too. That’s the purpose of writing after all. To create sparks of one kind or another.


The way I see it is that sometimes it may look like I am spreading out a big picnic blanket and invite whoever wants to stop by to sit and chat for a while, while other times it may look like I am all wrapped up in my thoughts and chewing on them by myself. I promise you won’t startle me if you choose to leave a note as you’re passing by.