Monthly Archives: October 2013

Bats, Ghosts and Pumpkins and Twice the Fringe. Costumes Ready.

It’s the night before. You have postponed the sewing. The craziness of the day that should not be more than a day is consuming… Halloween, tomorrow. Costumes, masks, too much of this and that, stores engorged with hats and lace and inadequacy. Sigh. Tomorrow night will be owned by ghouls and shredded tempers and you… Read More »

Clean Is As Clean Does

On October 17 the cancer agency of the World Health Organization, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, has declared outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic to humans. It is a monumental decision that is bound to affect the future in a positive way. About time, you’d have to agree. Outdoor air pollution causes lung cancer… Read More »

Of Bees and Life. A Story of Boundaries

The day starts foggy and grey. You don’t feel like stopping by the farmer’s market but how about the people selling goodness by the pound, or jar or bagful? They woke up to the same fog, the same heavy sky and they showed up. So you have no excuse. Buy potatoes from the South American… Read More »