DreamYou wake up in the morning. It’s early and the room is still asleep, draped in darkness. You see the door open wide and wonder if any tippy toes and magic little beings have made their way there during the night.

Little people coming pitter patter in the middle of the night… “Mom, I can’t sleep…” But you know they’re asleep , sometimes even as they walk with plumpy little feet through puddles of dreams.

You wonder if you should say “Go to bed” or “Come in here.” They need to grow independent, you know that, but what about hugs and warmth. They need that too. Rules and musts are sent away, little people invade spaces between pillows and blankets, they wallow in warmth and it feels so right.

Sometimes you send little people away “Go back and sleep, little wanderer, night is still thick and you need to sleep…” To grow, to laugh, to play and not fill the house with thumping of tired feet tomorrow.

And you’re sleepy yourself and feel like you’re implanted in a big pile of doughy tiredness but you should get up and tuck little people in, bundle them up in soft furry blankets, make sure they get a sleepy kiss on the head…

One day they will come no more. Little beings will shake their magic off and stop wandering in the middle of the night seeking warm soft snuggles somewhere between crumpled up pillows and blankets.

Until then, keep coming little beings… Pitter patter, open doors, midnight whispers and soft little feet, baby otters in one hand and pockets full of dreams… Keep coming…