I didn’t go for my evening run for a few days. Life is very stressful at the moment and I found myself mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the day. Yet the daily run was helping me relax. Skipping it was not wise.
Wisdom comes in many shapes and forms. My two boys are quite passionate about Star Wars lately and it seems that I had to look no further for wise words. “Do… or do not. There is no try” Yoda says in episode V. That simple. It stopped me in my tracks. No excuses. Either do it or don’t. Sometimes doing it means challenging ourselves. It may go against what we feel like doing at that particular moment. While I am a big believer in listening to my body and feeling in tune to it, I also know that amidst challenging situations my mind enters a state of panic and I have to force myself to overcome that overwhelming feeling of anxiety by going against that temporary “I don’t feel like doing anything” state of mind. Hence I went for a run, I cleared my head and I realized that I can once again return to the path I thought I lost. Another way to help myself is writing down the tumultuous thoughts that seem to take over my brain and then the sky clears up. But taking the step from not doing it to doing it is one of the toughest challenges. I’m pretty sure it is like that for most people. Yet no matter what we choose to do it is crucial that we do it. So here’s a thought: become action-driven as opposed to hesitantly trying to do something. It pays off. Yoda was right.