I believe many writers are chimeras of some sort. Writing different things at different times and hoping (I’d say knowing but that almost sounds like bragging) that each written thought will provoke others, it will inspire, or irk or make someone’s world slightly warmer, rounder and perhaps add some bits of meaning to it.

I write about what inspires me. Life with my boys and seen through the eyes of my boys, the challenges and heartache or not finding my way often times while raising them, the joy of seeing them grow into people who think and debate and wonder about the world around them.

My blog is often the repository for rants about the things that I cannot pass by and remain indifferent. Proof that I am, if you will. A most gracious way of acknowledging the gift of being alive.

My articles range from happy-go-lucky how to pieces to investigative pieces that look deep into the problems of today’s world. The ones that I see, anyway, the ones that I pick out of the many that trouble me in how they affect the world I live in and the world my sons will inherit. I am merely scratching the surface, I’d say, but always vowing to do more. To make people aware, to make them reflect and perhaps (hopefully) exercise change in their own lives and expanding way past that, since I have long said that we cannot afford to seek just the personal benefit and well-being. It’s an oxymoron really, since my actions will affect your world and the other way around. It’s a together dance, if you know what I mean.

I was asked why I don’t write just happy pieces, heralding the great discoveries in science for example (medical, biochemistry, environment-related topics since that’s my niche) and portraying people who shape the world around into a better one. I do, but first things first and that is identifying the cause of the problems we have, facing our wrong-doing or overlooking of things (for various reasons) and looking for solutions. Looking for ways to inspire people. We live in times when trading health, compassion and common sense for convenience, superficiality and unaccountability is becoming too common place.

As long as I have faith and hope that things can be turned around, I will write about issues that are present and I cannot ignore just so my words will not rain on someone’s parade. I will write about all that cannot be left alone and hopefully create the kind of effect that will change things for the best. Not writing or discussing these things is akin to giving up or burying our heads in the sand. It’s never been a trendy thing, less so nowadays when information abounds and twirls our heads into a drunken embrace of complacency.

It makes me think of the band on the Titanic. They played their violins as the ship was going down. If there was any chance of helping in saving people’s lives they would have done it. But there was no hope. Making the end sweeter and wrapping it in velvety violin sounds was the one thing they could still do, one of those happy-sad acts of giving when the end was imminent. I believe we are not there yet. There is still time and opportunities to help before playing the happy-sad songs of renunciation. That’s why I write what I write.

At the same time, I write stories for children, some are plain silly and playing on words, while others reach deeper. I write blog posts and columns about my life as a mom of two boys who take me on the most breathtaking roller coaster that can be, drenching me in sweetness and just as briskly bringing cold winds in my face.

Through everything that I write, I keep true to myself and will never settle for less. That’s why I write what I write. With a good old cowboy coffee on the side. Fairly traded beans and all. Like I was saying, my actions will influence one’s world. Yours included. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?