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On Being Thankful

I find Thanksgiving fascinating. Because I do believe that gratefulness is a beautiful state to be in. It opens eyes and hearts, it teaches humbleness, it makes room for understanding and kindness. And, in my opinion, it makes us reconsider the wants. Whenever I am thankful most of the wants take a free fall and liberation follows. Which brings me to the email that I got today about Black Friday. It said that it’s not fair for Canadians not to have their own Black Friday so let’s give them a hand. Killer deals, long hours, no shipping fees, just about anything to make people think they will strike gold if they buy more. The more you buy the more you need. Any takers? Logic and common sense dictate that it should be the other way around. The more you get the less you need, because the list diminishes as you buy things. The only glitch is that needs do not equal wants. And the metamorphosing of wants into needs is not something to be thankful for.  I am not American but I do admire and think very highly of the Thanksgiving celebration. But the shopping madness rubs me the wrong way. It does not belong with Thanksgiving. I feel there is little if any room left for feeling thankful when thoughts are being inundated with flyers, offers, screaming deals and such.
If anything, imagine that stores operate on reduced hours and some are even closed for the day and people are given space and time to be thankful. It’s easy to overlook those seemingly insignificant blessings when there is a lot of white noise from those Black Friday deafening deals. Yet another rant against consumerism, you’ll say. And you’re right, it is. My resentment against using any opportunity to make people think they need more things. I guess if I word it as “opportunity to make people want more” I create a bubble of hope. Because reasoning and thankfulness differentiate needs from wants. And that is what we need to get some much needed upper hand. Needs are needs and cannot be contested. Wants on the other hand are optional. It’s called having a choice. That’s empowerment, a good solid feeling. Having choices is something to be thankful for, no?
Happy Thanksgiving then!


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