Gotta love new beginnings. New has an undeniable crispness to it that invites to promises and that’s why the second line in a conversation these days is about resolutions. But these resolutions don’t stick. Not with me anyway. I need some crisis to find my way towards resolutions that actually stick. I will make resolutions when they are needed, not just because one or more have to be invented.

Kind of like getting a new notebook when you don’t really need one. The first page is always perfect. The second not so much. Four pages later it’s getting a bit sloppy and you can’t find the right groove.You realize you did not really need the new notebook but could not resist the temptation of that first page. The crispness of a new beginning…

When you really need the notebook you make good use of its pages.

So here’s how it is: When (if) a particular crisis happens I shall come up with a resolution that will help me move on. Until then, there will be no new year resolution except for promising to not get a new notebook unless I really need one. Then I’ll make good use of its pages.

Here’s to a happy year, each day a crisp new needed page… Make the best of it!