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The Food Thing

OK. I stocked up on gluten-free foods, made a pact to not buy milk no matter how clean and local and organic it is – kind of ironic since Sasha just started liking milk not long ago, and all of this because I am running out of options in helping Sasha deal with his skin itchiness, nose stuffiness, possible asthma lurking somewhere close, and the general irk caused by something we’re not sure what’s caused by to begin with.

How is that for a conundrum?

My supposition is that the many chemicals we added and keep adding to the environment are messing our children’s health in ways that are getting out of hand. The numbers of children with immune system problems like allergies and asthma (respiratory and immune functions are growing and we are clueless when it comes to solutions. How do we upset their bodies in such a way that makes their otherwise perfectly working systems rebel and go berserk?

To say that on my little turf everything is clean and environmentally sound is sheer craziness. I breathe the same air you do, and we share the water. The produce that’s grown conventionally adds chemicals to our common soil, water and air.

The mainstream cleaning products and household stuff that we need to make our homes look pretty but reek of chemicals (paints, treated wood, carpets, for example) they are all affecting our common air, water and soil.

I feel helpless in helping my son overcome environmental allergies and occasional asthma attacks. I am willing to go as many extra miles as needed but something tells me that’s not where the answer is.

Chemicals will still be dumped around us; politely we will call them the new spring/summer/fall/winter stock that’s on sale for a short while, blah, blah, blah. Realistically I will call it “the end of health as we know it.” If you stop and ponder you’ll most likely agree.

On the other hand, humans and living creatures altogether are adapting to new life conditions as they go. Is this something our bodies will grow accustomed to? The chemicals, I mean, the fake (processed) food, the objects that we surround ourselves with in an effort to make life pleasant, or easier, the ever-growing mountains of discarded stuff and all that I cannot mention in a blog post but I keep discovering as I go.

For now I will take out as much as I can from his diet, I will switch mattresses and sterilize his bedding. Wake up at night when he’s once again so frustrated with not being able to sleep because his body is itchy and his nose is running without warning and continuously. While itching that is.

I don’t have a clear answer for now. Just questions.

The biggest question is: Are we going the right way with how we live our lives?

One thing I was told when I was little was that there is always room to do and act better. Right?





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  1. This is a really tough one and I know more and more parents who struggle with allergies and intolerances. I blame a lot of things: chemicals for one, over-reliance on antibiotics for another and the stupid abundance of “anti-bacterial” products that are creating strains of super bugs that nothing can destroy. My mantra is: no antibacterial product shall ever enter my house. None of those hand sanitizers, nothing. The sickest people I know are the ones who carry buckets of hand sanitizer around. Our parents and grandparents knew that a little dirt and a few germs help the immune system. That’s what I’m hoping. At 14 my daughter is healthy and happy with no ailments and no allergies… let’s see if I can keep it that way! And you’re right: dairy is a huge culprit with its ability to change hormonal balances. Let us know how everything goes. Good luck!

    • Very true about all those things that take a shot at the immune system. Children are most vulnerable. I never use any antibacterial soap or harsh detergents, or mainstream cleaning products. To the best of my knowledge I did everything in my power to keep the boys chemical-free, yet at the same time they have are not strangers to playing in the mud and in all kinds of weather also. What gives then? Sure genetics plays a role too, but I guess the allergy/asthma story is still unfolding…

  2. Tanja

    I have been dealing with such issues for a long time. I am now seeing a Naturopathic Dr who I am very happy with, as she addresses such symptoms in a scientific manner, but holistically. I know these issues all too well…

    • That’s too bad, Tanja, I am sorry to hear. It’s not easy and I think the lack of predictability is what driving my little guy nuts… But I am not giving up yet on finding a solution (or more :-)). Glad to hear things are going well for you now though!

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