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The Morning Thing

I used to run every morning. Then I ran whenever I could during the day. Then I skipped running when the day got too crazy because I had to make room for other things. Then I became frustrated.

You could say it’s in some people, the moving fast and all the time. If that’s not it, then I have some quirky genes that nag me do that. Regardless, the need to move has to be paid attention to.

So after almost no deliberation in in complete agreement with myself, I am back to morning running.

This morning I had my heart set on a neighborhood run, but I ended up in Peterson Creek and once there, trail running looked too tempting to miss. One of the wickedly good things about running is that it takes you places you did not plan on visiting simply because the legs keep going when the eyes set the pace.

And the eyes keep seeing things ahead, so there..

My best thinking happens when I run. It’s a form of therapy too. When overwhelmed, go for a run. It’s almost like some sedimentation of thoughts. Heavy ones drop, light ones stick to the surface.

They sort themselves out better than one could hope. Try it if you don’t believe me.

This morning, a rather overcast spring morning, had an added bonus: spring wildflowers were poking their heads out all around. You run the trail and they cheer you on. “Keep going…There’s more of us to look at as you go…” You almost forget you’re running uphill. It’s like following the flowery trail left by a good witch, to keep you going, to tempt you onwards…

So I did. I found trees I will soon go sit by and write – pockets of necessary solitude, if you will – and I also found the simple joy of morning running. Again.

I discovered a dusty trail to follow and I did so all the way home. From the magic land of shy spring flowers almost to my doorstep, the trail runs like the spine of an old sleepy beast, curled here, narrow and tilted there, too lazy to react in any way and tickled by my feet running.

When I run I get inspired. My brain reboots and perspective freshens. Thinking with a twist. Well, not literally…



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  1. Running or walking is definitely good for thinking. I identify with this on my daily walk.

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