20130630_143051You can see Michael every now and then pushing his cart full of recyclables and some other things. Often he passes by our house and we offer him food or empty containers to take to the depot.
Sometimes I see him around town. Same cart, same smile.

On the side of his cart there’s a cardboard sign that reads “Don’t let a day pass without telling people you love that you love them…” I always promise to myself that I will do that from now on. I often forget. Then I see Michael again.

One could say that he has little to smile about and that sign… is there anyone out there for him to say I love you to? Is there anyone saying it to him? Perhaps that’s not the point after all. He is reminding people of it, maybe that’s all there is to it. Those who see him also see the sign and heed it.

Missed opportunities…How many times have you missed telling people you love that you love them? Busy with life, we bust through curtains of “I should” and tell ourselves we will do it later. Maybe. Maybe tomorrow. Crumpled by stress, anger, resentment, tired of it all, we roll up in tight cocoons and secretly hope that someone who cares will come and release the tight cocoon so we can say “I love you…”

20130629_112733Light as the flutter of butterfly wings, we see the world for what it is, we’re grateful for it and for having someone to say “I love you” to. No, it’s not about spouses or life partners. It is about everyone who is part of our world, everyone who touches our heart and allows us to touch theirs


As for Michael’s sign, it’s just what one needs. Reminders to never miss opportunities: to never let another day go by without smiling, or seeing the wonder of the world, without finding at least one thing to be grateful for, without hugging your children and your soul mates.

Days come and go. The one tomorrow will always be better if today you take the time to tell people you love that you love them. They might know it, but it’s good to remind them.

Michael is right. One could never have enough soul hugs. Whether a real hug, a smile, open arms or the trust we put in those we love and the way we cradle the trust they put in us, it’s all about reminding ourselves to not let a day go by without it…