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The Things You Taught Me

20130615_170037So little (big) darkhaired boy, you turned 11… Yep, gone are the one-digit age birthday celebrations and the lightness of being that all little kids have when they are little… Self-consciousness is real, but worry not, we will face it with dignity. It’s not an easy game, but so what, many life-caused ones aren’t. Why? Because life is fluid, right? You might find better answers as you grow up…

You’ve always called life by a different name. You were born to question things. A lot. Which you do. Parenting an emotionally alert child like you has been one of the greatest and most challenging experiences of my life, a me-today-building experience one could say. We add your brother to the equation and Peter Pan stories become real… We’re but dollops of clouds chased by wild winds, hugging sunsets with much care for every color; to taste, to feel, to question… The way it should be.

You’ve taught me to keep my promises, and to look for better words when the seas are heavy with clumpy waves. You’ve taught me about a love so deep and strong that no bear hugs could do it justice. You’ve taught me trust so I can teach you it. You’ve taught me the way to being open by closing up like a little clam.

You’ve humbled me many times with being wise, and caring. Firstborn children are always facing a bit of stumbling in the dark of their parents; the road to good parenting is a tough one. A most worthy one though, both of you taught me, never forget that.Your wild boys’ hugs have been love, forgiveness, silliness and a whole lotta promises, they still are.

Happy Birthday! My wish for you is to be kind, bold, to be who you are today and never stop walking around with an lively heart; you will grow up to be the man you want to be, I know you will.

You see, a dear friend once said, embedded in a gentle, loving scolding, that children should follow their own paths, live every day as their own journey and become …not a replica of any of the people in their lives, but simply themselves. All they can be, encouraged by the ones who love them and free to choose their steps.

Eyes open, a light heart, follow your dreams and know that I’ll be there to taste some of the sunsets with you, celebrate early morning light and the music and laughs that we will happen to stumble upon together. Deal?


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  1. Birthday wishes are being sent your way!

    I love this line in your post: “We’re but dollops of clouds chased by wild winds, hugging sunsets with much care for every color; to taste, to feel, to question… The way it should be.”

    So true, and so creatively written! Thanks for another beautiful post.

    • Thank you Graciela! I am most inspired when writing about my sons, children truly change the way we see the world 🙂

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