The road

To Laura and Nemo, thought munchies for the road ahead…

If you were my kid and leaving today to see and feel and taste the world, this is what I’d tell you:




  1. That you’re never alone. Repeat as often as you need to so you will believe it. It’s true.
  2. That you can always smile. Smiling makes your eyes arch in a way that drains tears. I’ve tried it enough times to know.
  3. That every day, even the ones that seem long and punishing, have 24h, no more no less. Tomorrow is always around the corner. You get to try again.
  4. That you have choices. Always. And you need to be honest with yourself to admit it.
  5. That you can find the horizon from wherever you are.
  6. That you need to believe in yourself. If you want it, you can make it happen.
  7. That you should not spend what you don’t have.
  8. That you learn to listen. Few do. It’s an important life skill.
  9. That when you are joyful, so are those around you.
  10. That you have to own your words and actions. Don’t ever make yourself run away from your own heart. Self-betrayal is a heavy load to carry no matter where you go.
  11. That even when you’re lost, you are somewhere. Therefore, you are never lost.
  12. That when you smile, people smile back.
  13. That idleness is a sin.
  14. Travel light. You already have what you need with you.
  15. That you should not call it a good day until you learned something, or until you brighten someone’s day. Often times that someone is you.
  16. Sometimes all it takes is to ask. So ask. The worst that can happen is to be told no. No is a word. A short one though.
  17. That you should never stop dreaming.
  18. That gratefulness is the road to joy.
  19. That everything seems brighter in the morning. So sleep on it, you will find a solution.
  20. That your mind can make a big problem bigger. Use your mind’s ability to your advantage. Everyone needs a confidence boost every now and then.
  21. That it is better to regret the things you did rather than the ones you never had the courage to do.
  22. That you should not let anyone tell you cannot follow your dreams.
  23. That no one is responsible for your happiness but you.
  24. You cannot force someone to love you, nor can you ask or whine for it. Love is a gift. It should be given.
  25. Don’t be afraid to love and when you do, give it all you’ve got. Might as well. Holding back might lead to “could’ve” and “should’ve.” They are like silent forgotten mines. People’s hearts become minefields and that can lead to hurting.
  26. Being afraid can keep you safe or make you miss out on life. It takes time to learn when and how to do it wise, so learn.
  27. That there is always a way out. With a catch: You need to find it.
  28. That you can learn something from everything that happens to you. It is said that smooth seas never made good sailors.
  29. That when you give you will be given.
  30. That life is fluid. Only make promises you can keep. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  31. That hugs are needed for growth; Soul growth that is. Hug for real, halfway will never do.
  32. That you need to believe in something. The more solid that something, the stronger the rope that ties you to it when you need it most.
  33. That you can only know how you yourself feel, but never how others feel. So express feelings starting with an I. You will find that it makes people listen more carefully.
  34. Those who care will never hurt you on purpose. Have the courage to see the others.
  35. People may not be aware that you hurt. Speak up. But… yelling never makes people understand you better.
  36. Own your past. You are here today and you are you because of what’s behind you.
  37. That pain cannot be avoided sometimes. But like everything else, pain also passes.
  38. Laugh often and heartily. More begets more.
  39. Few things are as bad (or worse) than they look. Most are better.
  40. Truth is peace. Peace of mind that is.
  41. Never settle for broken dreams. They are not called dreams anymore but shards. They will cut your feet and others’.
  42. Sing if you want to, dance, paint or ride your bike. Never be afraid to feed your soul. Feeding your soul is never ridiculous or wrong. A well-fed soul is a happy soul.
  43. Everyone loves to do something. Find yours and make it your job.
  44. If you have the choice, choose a job where you don’t have to count the minutes. Those minutes always seem longer. Emptier too.
  45. Farewells are a part of life. If you’re afraid of leaving you will never get anywhere. Farewell tears help grow appreciation for who you leave behind.
  46. If you care, show it. Guessing games are a gamble.
  47. Speak up. Make sure you are being heard.
  48. Assumptions can take you awfully close to the edge. Use sparingly.
  49. Learn the sound of your soul. Sometimes it’ll be only whispers. Go somewhere quiet to hear it well. It’s the truest voice you have.
  50. Life happens. Embrace it.