Golden…is time.

You can let the day slip away and say at the end “What a weird day, I could get nothing done…” or you can seize every minute and use it to create joy. Through getting things done, work and life-wise. No pun on the latter.

You can start the morning right by being grateful for the day you’ve been given or you can mumble and grumble and pretend you have no reason to smile.

You have the power to create smiles or frown in the shortest window of time you are given, be it a minute, a morning or a day.

You can use the time you have with the people you choose to be by taming your words and ideas in a way that will create ripples of joy rather than sadness and anger. Time well used, makes your heart bloom and your mind swell with bright ideas. Or you can throw it all out, with utter disregard for the time you have been given to spend with someone, you can crumple all that time in a tight ball and throw it in a ditch of lost time and lost opportunities. A scary place indeed, and one that does not have to be. You make it be, or not.

You can sow thoughts and actions in the time you have, and know that you have been given the most fertile land of all. Untouchable, yet able to give you so much, that land will give you all if only you too give it all you’ve got.

Your thoughts are yours, your goals, your desire to make things happen, your choice to procrastinate or the decision to take a step. Or more. You have it all, except for one thing. Time. That is to borrow. A lease, if you will. But the one you can make the most of, if only you’d make your mind up to do so.

PS: I wish I could take credit for this, but it was the dried heads of tall end-of-summer grass, still green here and there, but slowly giving in to the fall slumber, only to offer themselves later on to winter; they reminded me of time, the most elusive treasure of all.