Literally. We moved two days ago. And I know now that moving is one big opportunity to learn. About myself and the rest of the people around me. I consider myself a capable person, I do. Well, I can say now with confidence that I am not good at moving. At all. Nor do I intend to become a moving expert. It may have been the lack of organizational skills – I am after all a free spirit with a bit of a bohemian streak to it – or maybe it was my “It’ll work out eventually” attitude. Not sure. The thing is, moving – which is by everybody’s standards a stressful event – was very stressful. Living out of boxes temporarily is not fun, not knowing what’s in the unlabeled boxes – somehow some boxes made it out of the old house before I had a chance to label them – is madness. And having little kids asking for the little things that could be anywhere, including the unlabeled boxes, can lead to temporary insanity.

Here are the lessons I’ve learned, which means that should there be a next time, I will perhaps do things differently:
•    Plan for things – moving in this case – in advance and (correctly) appreciate the magnitude of the process you are planning for.
•    Accept offers of help from friends – I am blessed with amazing friends who offered their time and energy to help us move. It made a world of difference.
•    Find some good entertainment for the kids if you have young ones. As much as I liked the idea of having my boys joyfully pack their toys and actively participate in the moving, I now know better. I am a dreamer, what can I say. Which is nice, but not at all practical.
•    Tread gently for a couple of days before and after the actual moving. Everybody’s nerves are stretched at maximum. ‘Nuff said. 
•    Be happy to find some of the things you need not when you need them but at some point in time.
•    Be thankful for having a roof over your head – there are many people out there without one.

Off to unpack some more boxes now…