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Know When It’s Time To Call It Quits

How many times in your life have you had a very strong feeling that you have to let go of something yet you did not do it because “what if”? Or because you did not quite know how? Or you were simply not there yet? Whether it is people, ideas, projects, places, businesses, we get attached – it’s different degrees of attachment, of course, but the idea is the same – there is something there that still holds part of you and prevents you from moving on. Attachment is an organic need we humans have, and we need it to nurture our spirit. Attachment, whether permanent or temporary, is a need that has to be honoured.

It’s not easy to let go, some of us may have an easier time than others. Yet the interesting part is that many times being all logical about why you should call it quits does not work. So it comes down to trusting your gut about it. That’s right. When you’re done going over the pros and cons yet again and feeling stuck yet again, maybe it’s time to really evaluate your good old gut feeling. Yes, the one that gives you a nudge every now and then and you choose to ignore it thinking it looks too easy. The best part is that once you get in the habit of trusting your gut you’ll grow confidence. Sure you’ll still make the wrong decisions occasionally – being wrong is also part of learning – but chances are there will be no sinking feelings of regret.

Honouring what your gut is telling you to do – you’ll learn to identify the feeling as you go, as no other way will seem the right way – will take you places. And you’ll grow into that new you. Simply put, there is a left side and a right side to your brain. Make good use of both. Going through the facts logically is a good start and will help you build a foundation for your actions, but following your gut feeling will complete the process in the best possible way. The right way.

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  1. LauRa

    interesting theory about letting go … & self! 🙂

    a little twisted: [Predestination Official US Release Trailer (2015) – Ethan Hawke Sci-Fi Thriller HD] maybe..a little too twisted 🙂 (especially as birthday present :))

    -Hi! I am you!
    (proposed sound’track ~ sad but true ~ [Metallica])
    -Time to let go! Bang! Bang! The End

    -There is no end. Only U turn!
    -There is no (yo)U. Only I!”

  2. LauRa

    Incredible! 🙂 today’s reading : …also about learning how to let go & a (4) Sward(s) holding a cat 🙂
    “time to act!”
    well (already) done! 🙂

    P.S.wonderful work! thank you!

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