To describe yourself today. Choose it now. And see how you feel for the rest of the day. I chose “Blessed”. From 5pm when I came up with this until late at night when I am writing this post, I felt blessed. And it made me think. I chose the word even before I thought of all the possible reasons I feel grateful for. I did that later and that only amplified my feeling and reminded me why I chose the word in the first place. Well, you might say, maybe your life is just so amazing right now that no other word would do. It so happens that right now my life is far from perfect. And if I were to sit down with you out there reading this right now and explain to you why my life is not perfect, you would agree that it’s not – and who would want that anyway. But here is what comes next.


The word and this post are not about life, mine, or yours. They are about me. And you. The word that I ask of you is to describe not your life, not your day, but you today. And I have a feeling that words can have a much higher impact that we give them credit for. Grow into the word as you go through the day. Mold your thoughts to match the word you choose for today. Try it just once and see how it goes. And yes, it goes without saying that choosing a good uplifting word makes sense. You might not feel like it when you first think about it, but do try. It’s like smiling to yourself in the mirror when you’re having a not so great day. The smile comes out crooked at first but then it grows into a real one. And there will be more coming too.

So, have you thought of a word yet? Care to share your experience with it?