My mom was special. Very much so. I know, most moms are. But you see, my mom gave me this amazing gift. She told me repeatedly that if there is something I really want to do in life, I can do it. Just like that. One of her favourite memories of me was about how determined I was to learn to walk, by myself, with no helping adult around, at 10 months of age. And I loved to hear that story over and over when I was little and as an adult too.

My mom is no longer around, unfortunately, but her words are. She told me that I can. It took many years for me to realize what a great gift I got from my mom. Simple words, yet so powerful. Here is an example: I recently completed my second duathlon quite successfully. My training for this one was minimal – not by choice – which many might say is a sure recipe for disaster, and I would not dare say otherwise. Yet my determination and will to do it and do it right were strong. And I did it! And that got me thinking.

Words have power. What are you telling your kids? Do you congratulate them for every little accomplishment or do you just tell them they can do anything they put their their minds to and that’s that? And here is the tricky question: Do you actually believe they can do it or are you simply saying it because that’s how you were told self-esteem works? You see, I now understand why my mom’s words were always so powerful and still are. Because she really believed I could do it, whatever the “It” was. She enjoyed my accomplishments, modest or otherwise, in a very natural, unassuming manner that said “I knew you could do it”. Her belief built the most solid foundation for my self-confidence. A much needed foundation.

Words are powerful. Especially when coming from people who mean everything to you. Especially when you mean everything to someone else. Your children. Some of the words you say to your children will be staying with them forever. Make sure you choose the right ones. You don’t have to search high and low or read tomes on the subject. They are in your heart, waiting to come out.

 Words can change someone’s world. Whose world are your words changing? Are you changing it for the better? You should. You can.