It has been seven years since I decided to have a website, which included a blog. It was 2010 and after a short deliberation, I settled on a name that included ‘clouds’. Because I like clouds (I make a whole case as of why on the ‘Why clouds’ page) and because their transitory nature is what defines ours the best. It’s all a blink; a worthwhile one, if we make it so, but still a blink. Mindfulness obliges. The very word that powers my life, my writing, and the path I follow.

Feature articles, columns, blog posts, book reviews, they all piled up in my since that day. Plus my shy little e-book about gratefulness, a concept that I try to keep present in my life and my family’s life. Imperfectly so, I am the first to admit, as life strips grace when most needed and gratefulness becomes a blurry, hard-to-live-by concept, but renewed promises help. The blog is testament to all of that and of the life bites I happily or unhappily chewed on since that fateful day in April of 2010 when I dared step up.

In October 2014 I started homeschooling my sons and a couple of years into it a homeschooling blog was born, named, a name that needs little explaining. Two boys, two blogs, one dog (also added along the way), life as it happens… fast-forward to a couple of days ago when I thought that if mindfulness (which translates into time efficiency and the other way around,) is what powers my journey, then it would make sense to bring it all under one roof.

It is for that reason that my website presence will be found in one location only, which is Not much explaining to do name-wise. It is with slight regret that I let go of my two blogs (sentimental attachment is a real thing) but I am also thrilled to make the most of my time while having it all under one roof, virtual as it is. All the entries up to now in my two other blogs will be archived on my new site, to become a library of sorts. My new blog topics will stay the same – mindfulness, environmental, social issues, education, parenting, and I will provide updates on newly published work and the appropriate links.

There will be changes regarding my social media presence as well. My first blog entry on the new website will provide the background story.

As before, I welcome notes via email at