The house I grew up in had a big yard with lots of fruit trees, a vegetable garden, a beautiful flower garden with alleys and a nice old and solid bench right under a grapevine where my parents would have their afternoon coffee and chat. There were lilacs and berry bushes with bugs which were, in my opinion back then, the happiest bugs on the planet. And then there were these quince trees, three of them, with low enough branches for me to climb on and comfortable enough to sit there and read for hours. And think. And hide, whenever I did not feel like playing with my sister and my friends. Hiding there in that green bubble of warmth to think about stuff was and still is one of my best memories. My green safe bubble is long gone but my knowing that sometimes I need to take time off from playing is a certitude that will stay with me.

So that’s what I did, as the end of the summer was slowly approaching, I hid for a bit in a different kind of a bubble. In other words, I honoured my gut feeling, which I discussed in an older post. Staying put, in my bubble of quietness. Thinking of life and its complicated ways. Writing, caring for my boys, reading, running and biking. Taking a break to watch life and wait for the day when I would feel ready to jump in and write thoughts down in my blog again. And the day has come. Today.

What have I learned? Writing in my blog not because I have to but because I want to shows respect towards myself and others too. Writing in my blog for the pleasure of sharing thoughts and ideas, opening the windows of my heart and mind to the world should always add to its wondrous nature and not take anything away from it.

Without a shadow of guilt for taking time to enjoy quietness, I am once again opening the door, saying hello and feeling the breeze… good to see you, and thank you for sticking around.