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Time to be…

It’s been a while since I wrote here and it’s not for lack of interest or topics. On the contrary. However, I admit to shifting things around a bit as of late. As you may have noticed, I put the regular column writing on hold. It’s been almost a decade since I started showing up with a new column each week – rain or shine. I felt it was the right thing to do given the sorry state of our public discourse.

You may rightfully ask, ‘hasn’t always been that way though?’. Yes and no. I know we are all falling into the trap of assuming the times we live in are the worst and I know they are not, but personally I felt that way for a while so I figured a break would be just the thing.

And speaking of ill-construed public discourse, I left Facebook. Before it was down, that is, which happened yesterday for a few hours. It’s been a beautiful kind of quiet in my thoughts now knowing that I closed the door to a world where I would occasionally go for a visit but never felt comfortable enough to stay longer than I had to post things for a few businesses I write for. The pervasiveness of this platform into our everyday lives is a phenomenon to be mindful of, and one I do not want to be a part of.

The outlandishness of so many posts, the pushing of hatred and counter-common sense in so many areas of life, the ‘loud’ writing of intimate and beautiful things in life that should be whispered only to those that would know what to do with them, the overpriced illusions…there you go, a mere sample.

Plus, my forever complaint with this platform: the wrongs we cannot see, their impact on people and life in society, the noise of what you know to be wrong which you cannot fix in any way of course, and which keeps lingering until it becomes the hum that takes over the quiet you need to keep sane and joyful. None of that will be missed.  

Yes, there are many good people who bring valuable ideas and concepts to be discussed on Facebook, and that I will miss, but even these good happenings are festooned with the same ugly and tireless monsters hiding in countless closets. If these good things are the babbling brook you stop by in hope of breathing in beauty, the platform presents itself like flood waters bringing in everything you did not existed plus the kitchen sink. The algorithms make visiting just the brook impossible, hence my decision.  

My second pursuit is one I will communicate soon, and it has to do with purpose, health, and more writing. It will be interesting, I promise.

Meanwhile, you will still see posts on life as it happens, opinions on current events at times and the reoccurring invitation to gratefulness.

Also, the occasional informal book recommendation because I believe books are essential to life. Some I get from publishers to review, and countless others I discover as I follow through with my professional and personal interests. I am probably not the only one with ever-growing piles of book by my bed, or in various places around the living room. Well, why not? They have the power to take us to where our minds get a good scrub and a powerful incentive to think and change towards a more worthwhile rhythm in our step.

Books I delight in presently: Out on a Limb – What Black Bears Have Taught Me about Intelligence and Intuition by Benjamin Kilham, When by Daniel H. Pink, and The Secret Life of Your Microbiome by Susan L. Prescott, MD, PhD, and Alan C. Logan, ND. I will let you know my impressions on each once I am done.

As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.


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  1. ShanonSinn

    It’s nice to read one of your posts Daniella. It feels like it’s been a while – though part of that is my fault, as I don’t read much online when I’m in Tofino or travelling.

    As usual, your words resonate. What you’ve said about FB especially is beautifully articulated. I think I checked my account last in May. M notifications are off. I see Instagram as the same platform, even though it’s kinder and more positive on the surface, I don’t like that the accounts are linked and it has become snowflake white entitlement culture – but so has TikTok. What a person has, how they claim to look, and feel, and the idea they need to produce content. Competing on Orange Shirt day or adding noise to Black Lives Matters when it is time to stop, listen, learn, and support others. Yet, I don’t know if I’ll delete my account, as most of my Indigenous friends use FB+ exclusively, it also acts as my address book for other veterans, and many – I’ve been ignoring – reach out to me re: my writing. But I love not thinking about it for long stretches of time. For the reasons you’ve given. Watching people try to bully their grandparents into their extremist misinformed beliefs – left or right. Feeling like living balanced and trying to empathize with as many people as possible makes me vulnerable instead of leadership-minded.

    I’m not sure about the times being the worst either, but I have accepted it’s not looking good. Paris target of 1.5 degrees increase. Likelihood of at least 3 degrees. Experts saying 5 degrees will be the end of our species (stats from last Oct APTN Investigates’ “Burning Down the House”)

    I look forward to hearing your exciting news! Health AND writing sounds perfect your you 🙂

    • Thank you, Shanon. I find it troubling that so many of these platforms are connected, and like you, I cannot delete FB entirely because some people I keep in touch with only use Messenger. The noise on social media, daily, and more so around relevant days and events is overwhelming. I find myself not wanting to be part of that because so much is done for projected image reasons. There are lines in the sand being drawn constantly and we find ourselves having to pick sides even when the mind is still looking for the arguments…it gets overwhelming so often and yes, the vulnerability you mention is palpable.
      As for the temperature increase and the Paris target, I think we have few reasons to believe we’re on track. Too much greenwashing and planning for too many decades ahead.

      All this to say that the need to find spaces to write, think and exchange ideas are vital. Ideally nature should not be far from that either, because we need the constant reminder that we are but a part of it all.

      Here’s an interesting thought from James Clear (author of Atomic Habits, which I am rereading at the moment): “The more you create, the more powerful you become. The more you consume, the more powerful others become.”

      • ShanonSinn

        I love that quote and will try to remember it. Thank you for sharing. It’s nice to hear positivity for a change, from someone I know and can relate to. I hope you are all doing well!

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