Gratitude makes the journey better and so does kindness

Do You Know?…

…any remarkable people? Not my intention to play mind games here at all but my playing with words might be interpreted as such. Hence my disclaimer but do I need one? By remarkable I mean people who make your world as warm as a needed hug. Remarkable not because the society credited them as such , although that is a good thing but for now beyond the purpose of this writing, but because to you they mean a lot. Because they are there when you need them, because they share love and friendship with you, because they are brave when life takes them for a tumble and they inspire you to reach deeper and be braver yourself, because they are good and giving and they inspire you to give too. I am talking about remarkable people who are remarkable because they let you sit in whatever corner of their kitchen you choose with a cup of warm coffee or tea in your hands and they don’t ask questions but let you unwrap your heart like you would a wounded bird you found by the side of the road. You must know the feeling, and you must agree that there are a few things that come close to knowing that someone is there when you need them. Remarkable deed, no?

Back to my query. Do you know remarkable people? Because my thought of the day is this: If you do, let them know they’re remarkable.
You’ll say they know that already. I think some do, and some don’t. Either way, let them know. Send a note, be present to acknowledge them and their presence in your life. Tell people you care about that you do, and if words are behaving like stubborn donkeys and won’t come out, think of other ways to do it. On a side note, I do believe that even the most stubborn donkey will yield to a well chosen carrot, but that’s my way of seeing the world and I credit my mom who always said “You can do it if you put your mind to it.” Yes, she was remarkable. I wish I told her that enough times, I know I didn’t but I hope she knew. Regrets of this kind groom us into more thoughtful people I guess, if we’re willing, that is.

Here’s my challenge for you: Don’t wait. Show your those remarkable people in your life their worthiness, thank them for being who they are. Thank them for being there. And be there for them too. The one caveat? Mean it. Only do it if you mean it. It was always bothersome to me and yes, confusing too, when people used big words that mean nothing in the end or laid out foundations that proved to be fluff. We all do it I guess. And we all accept it without knowing. There must be a time when that two-way nonsense stops though. Mine was a while ago and there’s no going back. If you mean it say it, if you don’t, don’t say it. That simple. Fluffiness takes too much room and you can’t close the door properly anymore so you’ll feel the draft sooner or later. After a while it gets awfully cold. Even in the middle of a hot summer day, it really does.

PS: There is this little big secret some people know: It’s about not stepping out too much during challenging times and yet knowing that those who care will be there with a hug when you do. And the other way around.


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  1. Daniela, You have a way with words and an eye for beauty. I love your site — well done! And like you, I really dig clouds. It really is worth dropping what you’re doing just to watch them.

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