I love sunny mornings. More so when the day comes with a race. Which is why I loved this Sunday morning. I woke up at 8, stretched and pretended not to be anxious. I read a couple of books with my little guy and I have to admit that my mind was already on the race track and there was nothing I could do to stop it. A bowl of oatmeal, a cup of coffee and I was good to go. Hugged my boys and then a leisure morning ride took me to the very place. Lots of people, lots of sunshine splashed on the sidewalks and all over people’s faces, and all that race rush I came to love.
Stickers on helmet and bike, and then I parked my blue racing buddy next to the other bikes and let them enjoy a morning wheely chat. Walking all over the place with my duathlon friend Susan has become part of our racing routine, just like we do the ride home afterwards.
Timing chips on, all racers pumped at the start line and ready to charge. So we did. The good crisp morning air made for a good first run. Biking followed, speedy fun, gotta love every second of it or else. People cheering along the way, sending good encouraging vibes that danced around me like happy bouncy butterflies. The best part is, those butterflies dance around every single racer, which makes everything right.
A second run, a bit more will needed to keep going, still a lot of fun while doing so. The 4km mark is a sweet sight. One more to go.

And then, the finish line! The moment I cross it is a good one, no matter what. The rush is high, the sun is shining and so do familiar faces I am so grateful to see waiting there. The body needs water but the mind has everything. I am basking in the warmth of that unique feeling of finishing a challenge and knowing that I had fun while training and during the race as well. And thanking with all my heart to all those special people in my life who encouraged me along the way and cheered for me, at the track and from far away.

Next one is in July. Anyone joining in the fun? The only side effect is getting permanently hooked. Not a nasty one though…