I am getting my bike ready for a ride. It’s Sunday afternoon and the sun is splashed all over the sidewalks like a giant lemon. And if you think sour when I say lemon, I can only invite you to think yellow instead. Try it. Because yellow is good and warm, like a sunny Sunday early afternoon. See, I told you. Water bottle, gloves, shades and… take-off. I have to conduct an interview and I’m looking forward to it.

I make my way towards downtown by riding on some winding unofficial bike routes. Then it’s time to cross the bridge and I take advantage of all the new bike lanes our mayor has gifted us with. It’s nice to not have to rub shoulders with trucks or get dirty looks from drivers as I try to squeeze through tight spaces. I know, I know, biking people can be annoying, this feud between people riding on two wheels versus four is yet another one that I do not see us reaching an agreeable solution anytime soon. Regardless. The first sunny day after many rainy ones makes for a temporary truce. Bikes and cars, we all ride along crossing the bridge painted warm by the sun.

I reach my destination. Technically I am working on a Sunday, yeah you could say that. Far from a chore though. I meet the people I am interviewing, feels like I’m hanging out with friends. Not all interviews are like this. I learn new things and love it. I think of my assignment as I ride and I feel confident knowing that it’s almost written in my head and it’ll pour out on the screen when I get home.
A bus zooming by makes my bike shudder like a house built too close to a railway. Downtown rush is not my everyday cup of tea but today it makes me feel alive in a way that I should mention but not dissect. I’m riding my bike, I just had a good chat with pleasant people and I am now headed home to do what I love: write.
Not bad for a Sunday afternoon when all I expected was to collect some facts for one of my soon due assignments. It’s like flying when all I expected was to walk. Slightly dizzying but not bad, not bad at all…