I love being busy. I teach and I write, I have two young boys, I work against headache-causing deadlines more often than I care to admit. And crazy as it sounds, I love it all! Except for when teaching or interviews take me out of the house and I need someone to watch the boys.

If all goes well and there are no short notices or suddenly-sick babysitters, then things are as smooth as a baby’s cheeks. If not, then it’s frantic phone calls to established and potential babysitters. And it’s when moving down the list to the very last name does not metamorphose into a real person that it starts hurting. If you’ve been there at least once you know what I mean. Lately I’ve started pushing my luck even more by scheduling mommy time. Which every mom needs, and if you’re still in denial saying nah, I got enough when the kids go to bed, well, that’s precious too. But there is something about mommy time outside the house during “business hours” that has to be appreciated. If childcare is not in the way, that is.

Through my freelance writing assignment hunt I’ve met Tracey and www.sitswap.ca/. An idea as brilliant as it is simple. The proverbial light bulb. Mommies helping mommies. They have the experience, they have the motivation and then there’s that sisterhood that grows from understanding each other. And if you ask why I write about it, well, it could be that day when I had to teach and no one was available to help and I took the boys with. We survived to tell the story, but I sure wish I had www.sitswap.ca/ to click on.