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My Mom Said So

My mom was right. She often told me the story of how I started to walk. It happened when I was ten months old. Eager to try the two leg locomotion thing, yet not willing to accept help. I kept at it and succeeded. As most bipeds, you’ll say. True. But my mom always ended the story with “If you put your mind to it you can do it, whatever it is.” A simple, shiny little piece of truth that’s bound to make one leap to the Moon if such is the task. The point is, that truth never left me. Pushed to the bottom of the drawer, yes, never lost though. And it works both ways. When stars are aligned so perfectly that everything is flowing and makes me wonder “How in the world?…”, I remember my mom’s words. When the going gets tough and I ask for a break, I remember my mom’s words. It’s that simple. The biggest asset of all is on top of my neck and in between my ears. If it’s still there I’m safe. I can, if I want. If I want it bad enough it’ll happen.

I want to see the sunshine even when grey clouds abound.

I want to be as good a mom as my mom was.

I want my boys to know that if they want it they can make it happen.

Short-term goal: I want to be done with the book proposal I am working at by the end of the summer the latest.

It’s almost six years since my mom passed away. Forever in my heart. Forever grateful to have been given so much.




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  1. It’s true, you really can do it. You’ve done tons of things. Your moms words were very true, and they were a very good thing to tell a little person like you at the time. There are probably lots of parents who would agree.

  2. Beautiful post! And your very wise mom was so right.

  3. Magnus

    Yep, good words from your mom. Now you are the Mom!

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