Some of what I have, in some particular order (but not spending too much time on being too particular, since it is a very subjective matter to begin with): family, friends, health, ideas, achievements, opportunities, objects. I don’t own much yet what I own is more than what many people around the world would ever have. I’m saying this with a profound sense of gratefulness and humility. So why am I sometimes looking at what I don’t have and make that the compass of my traveling through life? A question that entails a cheeky, rather insufficient answer: because I’m human. Because the human side of me will always have its eyes on the next thing. It tends to anyway.The more unattainable the bitterer the chagrin. It’s not about a consumerist plea, that I know I am not.

“I want to make a smoothie…” was this morning’s request. A fair and yummy request you’d have to agree. Some fruit was available, some was not. Not in season or pesticide-laden means that mom won’t allow. One of the boys choose to use what was available, the other one sulked. The smoothie was delicious. And then I saw it clear as daylight. As long as you have something, you have what you need. You could have more but if more is not to be had, whether now or later, sulkiness and bitterness and weeping over imaginary spilled imaginary milk makes no sense. It won’t brighten the landscape.

Lesson of the day. If I need it, I’ll go for it. When not having something hurts enough then I should try get it. Or not. It’s a choice. Bitterness as a state of being makes one weak and joyless. So I’ll avoid that. I have what I need, it takes stopping and assessing what’s within reach. That’s what I need. People are never happy when they keep wanting what they don’t have and ignoring what they already have, I explained to the boys. Not arguing for death of dreams at all, but rather for how to choose the right basket for the eggs one plans to get. There’s only that much time to do it all and do it right.

The human mind is a wonderful tool of both joy and deception. Ours to steer. To have what you need is to know what you have. Practicing awareness. I can add that to my daily schedule.