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Unlimping As A Sign Of Mindfulness

I am almost three weeks away from being cast-free. I can put weight on my left foot – with full permission from my doctor – and I am officially crutch-free since my last orthopedic appointment when I got to see the X-ray film of my formerly broken bone. The fracture looks like an upside down… Read More »

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This Is What I Think – This Time Is About Lance

I wear a yellow Livestrong bracelet. I am not a cancer survivor but I have close ones who are or are still fighting this terrible disease. It is a message I choose to carry because of them . Livestrong is Lance Armstrong’s foundation. I read two of Lance Armstrong’s books and I admire him. That’s… Read More »

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Do You Know?…

…any remarkable people? Not my intention to play mind games here at all but my playing with words might be interpreted as such. Hence my disclaimer but do I need one? By remarkable I mean people who make your world as warm as a needed hug. Remarkable not because the society credited them as such… Read More »

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