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I’m Letting Them Go

Today I decided to return my rocks to where they belong. Wait wait, you thoughts diamonds? Hope not, but just to make sure, it’s really rocks that I am talking about. Diamonds will have a place of their own in my blog very soon.They won’t sparkle, I can tell you that much.

Back to rocks. My house is full of them. I always liked rocks, shells and drift wood, but over the last four years I’ve collected loads of rocks. Baskets, old pottery pieces, glass vases, they are all full of rocks. Round smooth ones are my favorite. I love touching them and the sight of them is a comforting one. I moved twice in the last four years and they moved with. And more were added in each place I inhabited. But today, as I was mercilessly purging through my belongings – attempting minimalism, with the boys in tow, but for now attempting my own – I looked around my bedroom and the rest of the house and thought it is about time. So I purged through clothes and rocks. Clothes go to charity and rocks will go home, to the beach, that is. Symbolic? Perhaps. They served as anchor for long enough. I’ll save a few because I love rocks. I know where to get more if I need too. Moving freely while feeling the solid ground under my feet is as enriching as it sounds.There will be others to visit and some will stay, I’ll let you know when it happens.

Minimalism will have me go through the rest of the objects in the house minus the books and outdoors stuff. Books deserve to have some sort of diplomatic immunity. For now. Some will go for sure. I am making space and time, as opposed to taking the first and wasting the second. It feels good. Liberating. You should try it.



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  1. max

    I really like the last paragraph, particularly the reference to taking the first and wasting the second. It sounds like whatever you are thinking about has been taking root for a while and is now ready to come out, which is why it is on your blog of course.

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