It’s true, I did. The cast is gone, now I have a futuristic boot hugging my lower leg. I can take it off if I need too but I was advised not to.
The doctor said I will not be able to run for the next few months. I can will be able to walk, bike and swim though. He seem to not hear my question about the duathlon in March, or maybe he dislikes saying no. After that I did not dare about skiing, he looked like he had a long day and I did not want to sound spoiled. After three long hours of waiting I had become rather cheeky and truth be told, this state of semi-immobilization is driving me slightly nuts even in a regular setting, let alone the hospital.

But here’s the thing: it seems to be the general consensus that I should slow down, that the broken ankle is the sign with big shiny letters that I should heed. I had one of my students come and say that I move too much for someone whose bones are in distress. My sister said the same thing. Pretty much everyone else who knows me. As I was pondering over this on my way to the elevator after being equipped with the boot I almost missed the very thing so I rushed to get in. The elderly guy smiled and asked “Some broken bone?” I nodded and smiled. He then said without an ounce of malice and in a way that pushed my train of thoughts down a conspiracy theory chute “Maybe this means that you should slow down.” I laughed out loud and told him he should get in line, it’s the phrase du jour in my inner circles. “Maybe they have a point. Here, let me get the door for you.” Yes, maybe they have a point.

Now I’ll rest like my life depended on it. Well, in a way one could say it almost does. If I get too slow though make sure to let me know.