Feet first. Nothing better than the feeling of fresh grass under your feet on a crisp spring morning. Or evening. Rain or shine, that is. I love walking barefoot, feeling the earth under my feet is an intimate act. Connecting in the best possible way. And there is no better way to understand why it is so crucial that we keep this planet clean and beautiful. If your feet are touching the grass and feeling it so closely, would you feel comfortable knowing that you are actually touching pesticides and fertilizers? Would you still walk around barefoot if you knew that the grass that is so close to your body contains harmful chemicals? Exactly. Do your part, don’t use chemicals on your lawn, buy clean food that comes from clean fields and help spread the word. If you indulge in golfing, opt for an environmentally-friendly golf course. Initiate a movement to create one where you live. Because you do want clean air and water and soil for that grass you are now so comfortable walking in, don’t you?
Your thoughts. Bare your mind of all the extra stuff that you accumulate during the day. Find a moment to be with yourself, to ponder over the things that happened during the day, leave out the ones you have no use for and let the good ones help you grow a little. Enjoy the humming your own thoughts, separate them from all the background noise that sometimes becomes overwhelming. There is an entire world inside of you waiting to be discovered if you just dare to let those negative thoughts go.
Your space. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Declutter the place you live in, and the place you work in, bare it of all the extra objects that do not represent anything anymore. Ideally, you should be able to dance around your house and not collapse over a mountain of clutter. I am not saying you have to dance, but should the occasion present itself, make sure you have a bare enough space that will allow you to do so. Feel the energy flowing freely. Your energy. Creativity is just one step away.


Try one or all three. I dare you!