That’s part of a line from a movie I most likely won’t ever get to watch entirely but I am still glad I stumbled upon this great line. It kind of went like this “Life should be a little nuts. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of Thursdays strung together.” (Kevin Costner in Rumor Has It)
After a night of tossing in bed thinking that I am not doing the right thing by working on so many projects at a time – all time-consuming but all great too – and after spending my morning drowned in anxiety and fretting, my mood changed a bit following helpful advice from a friend. Later on, I honoured my evening routine and went for a long run in the rain. Loved it! Once again, running cleared my head and helped me think straight. Exercise induces positive thinking, it does for me anyway. I thought of pros and cons for each of these little enterprises I am engaging myself in and decided to keep going. Some of them are a little nuts, but that’s OK. And yes, I am aware that I will feel scared again, but that is part of the journey. And while we cannot shape our lives based on lines from a movie, no matter how glamorous, it is very true that inspiration sometimes comes from the least expected place or circumstance.
I don’t want my life to be a bunch of Thursdays, I don’t. I want to feel life, not just look at it as it passes by. I want to taste life and enjoy whatever surprises it has in store for me. I believe that indeed, life should be a little nuts. So sign me up for adventure. I know it will come with ups and downs and I also know that the ups will be adrenaline-loaded and spectacular and the downs will drive me to desperation, but I am planning to enjoy the ride and so should you. I am not ready to settle for just a bunch of Thursdays. There is a whole week between two Thursdays, don’t skip it. Each day is a present. And inside each present, an adventure awaits. Are you ready?