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Spelling Right (With a Big Fat Pun On the Side)

This is how I think of it: In a country with a high literacy rate like Canada spelling correctly is something that should be as obvious as blinking. Sounds cold but it isn’t. This is why: If we share at least one word with the world out there that word should be as clean and proper as a groom on his wedding day. Because we owe it to the ones who taught us the language, to the ones who wrote tomes of insightful beauty using it and simply because it’s everybody’s right to get to that level of knowing his/her own language so that spelling correctly is not even an issue.

Every language is beautiful, it has most likely happened to you as it has to me many times. I listen to someone speak their native language and I do not understand one word of it but I am spellbound. I am fascinated with witnessing people constructing sentences, sharing ideas or sweet nothings in a language I don’t know. Reading correctly spelled words is a treat.

Why do we misspell? My first guess is because we don’t read enough. Because we are living life in a hurry and it’s a bit of a mental hurdle to mind yet another thing. We have writing programs that do the spelling for us. That’s good, as a backup. But it’s not the same. It’s quite something to own the knowledge of spelling a word – or many of them for that matter – correctly. I’d call it honoring a language.

So you see why it bugs me to see words butchered, because they are these refined tiny entities which you gather together in bunches called sentences and then you paint the world around with them. And I don’t care how crazy some sentences are, creativity is a thing of beauty, it really is and boundaries become this relative thing that ideally should not be abused, but there should be one rule: No spelling mistakes. Agree?





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