We want it. I know I did for the longest time, I still am at times when the ground gets a bit shaky to walk straight. I think we are genetically programmed to seek acceptance. Maybe a projection from those early days of childhood when acceptance meant love and survival, and cuddles too, which are part of the survival package come to think of it. But as adults, why do we still chase that elusive beast. It’s a whimsical fastidious one, you’ll have to admit. And to make matters even more interesting, we want acceptance badly from the people who are least inclined to bestow such things on us to begin with. Why don’t they, you’ll ask, if you’re a worthy enough fellow? I asked that question myself enough times to get dizzy. Just because, I’d say, that’s the best answer, really. The thing is, once we get that acceptance we strut around with it on our heads for a bit and then move on. We don’t actually need it for survival it turns out. Not even for emotional survival, the most finicky one of all. If we tether our emotional well-being to that short-lived thing that acceptance from others really is, well, there is a high chance that the first breeze will get us untied and then what? Floating with a chance of falling is not sustainable.
So here’s what I think: It’s alright to know your worth, be humble enough to know there’s room for improvement and accept the fact that some people are not willing to offer the acceptance you’re after. Usually by the time I’m done with this pep talk I stop and look at the other side of the mirror: Am I accepting enough of people around me? Do I make them feel that or do they first notice the occasional raised brow of judgement being thrown at them. See, no one is perfect. Just as long as we know. It makes the whole game fair, don’t you say? Feel free to share your thoughts, looking forward to reading them.