OK, so the truck didn’t hit me last week. According to my last post. Yet I disappeared from here. No mystery, really. Here it is, the naked truth: Bad time management. So no excuse.

I am learning constantly. My last week was crazy and stressful and I did end it up somewhat successfully but with one professional blunder that left a rather bitter taste in my mouth. Delivering less than what was expected of me, even though I eventually fixed my mistake, was just not I was ready to accept from myself.  I did pat myself on the back with an unconvincing “All is well when it ends well…”, but… Like I said, unconvincing. Sure I wanted to call the people I had worked with and explain to them that I was by myself  with my two boys as my husband was away for a while on business, that I had a lot more work to do that week than ever before, that I almost got hit by a truck and so on. Well, I didn’t. No point in doing that.  Excuses are lame. They are. That’s one of the things I learned. Here‘s the rest of them.

•    I cannot and should not expect to be able to plan for everything that happens to me. Things will happen and I have to either be prepared or become prepared as they happen. Just two choices.

•    I have to deliver impeccable work no matter what.

•    No excuses. Sure my life may seem stressful to some, yet to others may not seem that stressful. What gives? Simply put, excuses are futile. People I am engaged with professionally don’t want to hear them or if they do, chances are they won’t make them shed a tear. Bottom line: Work is work and it has to be done professionally.

•    When things spin out of control, sit back, take a deep breath and then prioritize. It’s the only way. Have you ever heard of “How do you eat an elephant? And the answer is: one bite at a time”. Precisely.

•    Life is still beautiful even though it gives us a punch occasionally. Sure it hurts a bit but it keeps us on the learning curve.