Have you heard of it? It is one brilliant concept. Having been the victim of a violent verbal attack recently, I am definitely determined to learn more about nonviolent communication. This time I was at the receiving end and it felt as bad as it sounds. Frightening and hurtful, two words I wish I never have to use again to describe an interaction with another human being. After wiping big tears and getting some big hugs from my friends, I once again pushed my chin up and decided to use this as yet another learning opportunity.

How do you communicate with people around you? What do you do when you are mad and terribly upset as we all are sometimes? Do you lash out at people without warning, or do you let them know that you need your space? And if you have to solve the conflict right then and there, how do you go at it?

Stating what you want and stating it in a non accusatory way, talking about feelings without blaming someone, observing rather than evaluating are but a few principles nonviolent communication is built upon. Say what you need to say but say it so that the other person does not feel attacked or judged or abused in any way. It may seem easy but it’s not. Yet doing it is the first step towards building connections with people. Conflicts are helpful, and when they are not abusive they can enhance people’s lives as well as their relationships.

 If you are ready to add some wisdom to your life, pick up a copy of “Nonviolent Communication – A Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg. The brilliant simplicity of the concepts will amaze you and change the way you feel about conflicts. You’ll be that much happier.