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Simple Things To Remember

Two recent ordinary events made me appreciate simple things in my life more than I do already. Knees and rain that is.

I hurt one of my knees two days ago. Not an unusual occurrence with my restless lifestyle, you might think. Quite true, but still. Pain aside – no, I am not a wimp by anyone’s definition, but there is no medal for pretending either – I found the inability to do things the usual way very frustrating. Going downstairs to do laundry takes a minute too long now and every step is measured carefully or else. Occasional sharp pain is a crude reminder how simple things like healthy knees are really a blessing. I will still run, bike, jump, climb, ski when my knee heals but the reminder will stay with me. A small scale event compared to real health disasters so I am grateful for the heads up too.

As for the rain, it went crazily simple like this: I was driving on a highway with no wiper fluid and my windshield got so muddy and dirty that it was getting quite difficult to see through. I thought of rain and how a few drops of it would change my view, literally speaking. The sky was cloudy and draping quite heavily over Vancouver so as we drove in, the few desired drops hugged my dirty windshield and wiped its muddy cheeks. I loved rain before, I did. The few needed drops of rain though made me think of being so thirsty I could not see. That has never happened but what if? The knee pain went away instantly.

It really starts with simple things. The blessings we often, too often, I’d say, overlook. Say it isn’t so.


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  1. Wonderful article, I will enjoy posts from you.

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