You’ll say it’s silly, I’ll argue it’s not. Toe wiggling, that is. Such an easy thing to do for those who do not sport a cast. It’s not my first cast but definitely my most challenging, pain and duration that is – I’m still aiming for four weeks in case you’re wondering. Today I managed to wiggle my toes and the realization of it added some well-needed spunk to my day. I can do some exercises that do not involve pounding on my left foot and that gets some endorphins going too, one can never have too much of that. Empowering stuff. Here’s the rest of what I’ve discovered:

  • Going up and down the stairs can be daunting if one leg is not working the way it usually does. Doable nonetheless.
  • Stairs without railings are a cruel joke for people like me. Doable though.
  • Slippery surfaces are my worst enemy. Never underestimate the power of wet pavement tiles. Never underestimate them. Ain’t no mistake, it has to be said twice.
  • Most chores are done by me on a regular basis (read “when my legs are not broken”) which is why the boys are now asking “why me, I just finished the other one.” Responsibility builds character, right? By the end of January I’ll hear the question less and less.
  • The boys are lined up to be gifted the crutches once I’m done. Nifty toy, they said. Can’t argue.

As for my long-term plan, here it is: I’ll keep wiggling my toes, I’ll keep my exercise routine up and running – no pun, why should there be one anyway since I’m only wearing one running shoe these days – and most importantly, I’ll make sure to remind myself myself yet again by how blessed I am. To have the restricted mobility just for a short time yet hopefully long enough to add another facet to my understanding of the world around and the miracle of simple actions like walking. Just walking, with occasional jumping if need be, should the boys challenge me. Which they will. I am looking forward to it.