I woke up to a blue foot. All five sleepy toes lined up as usual, three of them a confusing blue. Splitting the white prison open to free them was my first thought but a couple of phone conversations with BC orthopedic nurses got my fright levels back to normal. Bruising is normal after a fracture they said. Fair enough. I am becoming my own blue avatar. A hopping one.
My learning curve regarding broken bones, casts and how to manage life in crutches is a steep one at times, but there’s daily discoveries and I celebrate them accordingly.

  • Stairs are becoming less and less terrifying.
  • Strangers/store clerks offer help and the majority will say “Take good care” when we part. Sometimes they repeat that. They feel it’s necessary and I cannot but appreciate the concern.
  • I can hop fast around the house, I can take the garbage out and I can move things by kicking them along with my crutches. Hockey style. This is the place for it, no?
  • I am making time for cleaning up old files from my computers and backing up valuable ones. Wait, that’s not true. Time was made for me. A gift in disguise. I feel humbled and grateful.

Due to my last two posts my blog was found through searches such as broken ankle/crutches/cast and crutches. A different perspective for sure. One thing I’ve learned over the last few years is that when the going gets tough I can say “everything happens for a reason.” Because it really does.