It’s been almost two years in the making. I am now ready to share with you the project I’ve been working on and mentioned a few months back.

There is a story behind it, and I keep returning to it whenever I get bogged down by the questions and worries that are inherent to any new beginning. Of course, new beginnings are where we get to learn that daunting, exciting and admittedly, scary, can morph into one.

Three years ago, I took a job as a medical research coordinator, which came with a steep learning curve, but mostly with a few revelations. While researching the latest on neurodegenerative diseases for an article, there was this one study on the connection between brain health and the gut microbiome that stopped me in my tracks. The proverbial light bulb turned on that day, and has been on since, powering me through what was to become this journey.

I have been writing on health and lifestyle for a long time, yet sometimes it takes a while to connect the dots. It was during that a-ha moment that I realized I wanted to do more with prevention, given the thick body of science that supports it. Addressing symptoms only by medication once a disease is established, often comes with side effects of that medication. Also, because all body systems are connected, there’s rarely but one being affected either by disease or medication side effects.

On the one hand, it is comforting to know there are treatments available. The advancements of modern day medicine are truly astonishing.

However, there is another aspect to health we should be aware of and that is prevention. It is empowering to know that we have options. From choosing the foods we eat to making lifestyle changes that improve our health, we get reminded that quality of life at any age is priceless.

I am not a believer in magical cures, and I am aware that there are no absolute guarantees in life, health-wise. However, I believe that our best bet is to be pro-active (at any age) in giving ourselves the best chance at a long and healthy life.

With that I mind, I went back to learning more about nutrition and completed my diploma in Nutritional Consulting.

It’s been a great ride so far, but this is where the rubber hits the road: starting on my new path. I was fortunate enough to find the very name I was hoping for, in order to convey my beliefs about health and food: nutrition matters. I have launched my website with the same name, and have been digging into more learning, this time about the practical matters of this new adventure. Feel free to stop by for a visit and let me know what you think.

If you want to see how science and nutrition melt into a yummy combination, check out my blog posts and sign up for my two-bite science-backed weekly newsletter. Any questions about this new journey, please don’t hesitate to ask.

In line with my post today, and staying true to one’s beliefs, I am inviting you to read my latest article in Alive magazine on living authentically.

Here’s to hope and gratefulness!