Gratitude makes the journey better and so does kindness

It’s the small things

I bought four mugs at a thrift store yesterday. I am hardly the ‘I must have it if I see it’ type of person, but these were just right. The colour and shape and the way they felt when I picked one up. A mere $4.99 later, they came home with me and four of the ones we had for a while will go to a thrift store. Maybe they’ll become someone’s favourite mug, who knows.

Today has been no better or worse than other days. But I had dandelion green tea* in my new teal mug and that felt good. I was struck yet again by this thought, that it’s the small things that adds a dimension of goodness to our days. (*My signature new brew is dandelion flowers steeped with a green tea bag. I love it!)

On my morning hike with Poppy, I came across brand new wild flax flowers. They are such an eye-catching blue it’s impossible to just walk by. You stop and stare and it’s the farthest from impolite. It’s yet another dimension of goodness that you pack in and walk away with and will be reminded of it throughout the day just because. It’s the small things…

I stopped to chat with a woman we have met many times in the park. Sure, we touched on how nice the morning coolness felt, but we talked about deeper life matters- some more painful than others. It was a beautiful thing that I can sum up as connection.

Not out of politeness, not because we wanted to fill the space and time with words. But for the sake of human connection and because the shared life stories we take home and get reminded of occasionally, add yet another dimension of goodness to life as we know it.

As we returned home from the hike, my favourite neighbour and her 14-month-old son were outside playing chase. I think that toddler laughter is something of a universal cure for just about all ails of the world, but I know I am biased. Very biased.

The little boy’s blond curls matched his yellow boots and his adorable wobbly gait reminded me of my boys’ first few weeks of walking.

Then he picked up the tiniest rock and brought it over so for me to see. He took another step so he could pet Poppy. She sniffed his little hand and closed her eyes in delight.

The smallest things… a toddler’s hand petting the soft coat of a dog’s head on a sunny coolish morning of an ordinary day.

Yet another dimension of goodness that makes the day less ordinary.

We need to see that. And to seek that.

We get stunned by horrible news too often. Some are soul-crushing and there’s no way around it. Things we cannot change, no matter what. That’s maddening and discouraging. But getting stuck in that mindset for too long comes with the risk of falling apart for no good reason (as in our breaking down will not build something that has come apart somewhere else).

The small things keep us searching for the next ones to pop up from unexpected encounters or instances of life.

The small things define life. Just that – inside and out, as it happens. Without pretense and without rehearsals.

These small things are gifts of self care (nope, not selfish) and they are necessary.

I hope you found some in your day today, and if not, I hope you will tomorrow or the days after, because they are there.


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  1. Lynn Mcdougall

    Such a very lovely passage , completely uplifting

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