Not just today. Every day. We receive gifts every day. And we should be grateful. The reason we are not is because often times we don’t quite know where to find the gifts. It could be a hug from your child, a smile from a person you barely know or have never met, it could be a flower opening up or a cloud floating in the sky. It could be a thought or a memory. Of times past, indeed, but blossoming into wisdom or beauty today. Wake up feeling grateful for being alive, for being able to see the sky and the silver lining on clouds and for being able to feel the rain. Show your gratitude by offering to hold someone’s hand when they need it the most, or by offering someone a shoulder to cry. Laugh with children whe they dance around you and hug them when they cry. Forgive yourself and others, and be grateful for kindness.

Be grateful when people listen to what you have to share. Be grateful when they trust you enough to share their thoughts.

Be grateful for beauty, for tears and for being reminded that today is a present.