I have a new addiction. My evening run. Aside from my daily dose of endorphins and the crisp cool air that clears my head before my evening writing, I get occasional bonuses.

Tonight my big prize was a perfectly round full moon, a skunk digging for worms or bugs – did not dare get close enough to check on that – and bagpipe music from a neighbor’s house.

On a rainy night I get empty streets and no other noise but the raindrops pounding on leaves and asphalt. Hard not to get addicted.

Running helps me get rid of the stress I accumulated during the day and then walking makes ideas swirl in my head. I

have come to love and look forward to that half hour of being with myself and my thoughts. I love picturing the path I want to take over the next few days or so and I love the clarity of my post-jogging thoughts.

I lose track of my steps on the sidewalk while passing under sleepy blossomed trees and so deeply immersed in my thoughts. A peaceful and energizing feeling at the same time.

If you can find a time to be with yourself, whether early in the morning, mid-day or in the evening, do not hesitate to do so. Run, walk or do both, whatever challenges your body enough to get those feel-good chemicals going.

Thoughts will start dancing in your head and you’ll love it, I promise. Hearing your thoughts so loud and clear is an empowering experience you’ll want to repeat. And if you happen to bump into me I’ll be really quiet so you can hear the whispers of the sleeping blossomed trees too. They make beautiful music for your dancing thoughts…